Zobble Solutions has partnered with Teach For India to deploy scalable and flexible learning ecosystem

Teach For India (TFI) is a non-profit and a movement of leaders that was founded by Shaheen Mistri in 2009. It is a part of the Teach For All network.

To build a growing movement of leaders, Teach For India runs a two-year Fellowship and supports an Alumni movement. The Fellowship recruits college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. The mission of Teach For India is “one day all children will attain an excellent education”.

Firki is Teach For India’s online Teacher’s training platform. Firki offers asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences in the form of courses, webinars, learning paths, online learning circles, and curated resources in partnership with several organisations.

Problems and Challenges Faced

Firki’s website was hard to navigate and not user-friendly. The website was difficult to configure and Teach For India was dependent on their developer to implement changes.

Other challenges faced were stability of the portal and learner experience. The features of the website were limited and developing a new feature required a lot of effort. The website was also limited in terms of gamification tools and automation aspects.

Approach and Implementation

Zobble Solutions configured the Firki website for Teach For India using LEOLMS which is built on top of Moodle. The Moodle architecture provides a wide range of options, scaling possibilities and flexibility for the team to configure the platform.

Solutions Implemented

  • Modern and easy to use interface

Designed to be responsive and accessible, LEOLMS interface is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

Benefits – Improved user navigation and accessibility. It’s a responsive website and the content can easily be assessed in the staff room or on the shop floor.

  • Customisable site design and layout

Implemented customised Homepage and LEOLMS theme with Teach for India’s logo, colour schemes and other branding guidelines.

Benefits – Provided flexibility to change theme and colour schemes just with a single click.

  • Enrolment options

Configured 4 types of enrolment i.e., Self-Enrolment, Enrolment by Admin, Category Enrolment and Cohort Enrolment.

Benefits – This provided the admin a variety of options to enrol users into various programs for various business cases.

  • Resource Management

Developed and Configured Resources plugin on the portal consisting mainly of the reading material in the form of documents and provided with the following search criteria to locate the required resource.

  1. Subject – Science, Mathematics, English Grammar, Arts, History, etc.
  2. Grade – Grade I, II, III, IX, etc.
  3. Type of Resource – Classroom videos, Lesson Plan, Work Sheets, etc.
  4. Partners – Shikshan Foundation, Gyan Foundation, etc.

  • SSO O-auth Implementation –

Configured and enabled login with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Benefits – Provided the users with options to sign-up on the platform.

  • Certificate Management –

Configured different certificate designs and templates provided by the Teach For India team.

Benefits – Achieved the requirement of having multiple certificate templates with the names of their partners.

  • Mobile Application –

Along with the web portal, the mobile application was also released for Android and iOS.

Benefits – Development of the mobile application provided flexibility of offline capabilities where the user is able to complete the assigned learning interventions in the offline mode. The progress of that which took place offline was synced accordingly with the server as soon as the learner got back online.


Currently there are 21657 active users on the portal with the highest of 468 concurrent users and 525 course enrollments in a single day. All these activities are done within a highly optimised environment which supports large scale for future needs. They were also able to view and monitor the progress of the users. Admins can now easily track the course success and completion ratio. Various other reports were configured to empower multiple users to get the required snapshot of the platform or learning interventions.

Teacher coach development program has also been conducted successfully which was earlier not possible. It is a 3-month program with weekly schedules that need participants to take part and complete within each module. VLE was deeply integrated using Zoom which has enabled users to learn from anywhere. On completion of the program, participants received certificates based on their performance.

Client’s Feedback

We were looking for a learning management system for Firki and that is when we came across Zobble Solutions and their team. The team set up a robust and feature-rich learning system for us and readily and patiently accommodate our needs at various stages.

The entire team is very hard-working, responsive and easy to work with. We appreciate them for taking the time to understand our requests and make appropriate suggestions to improve our product.

It has been great working with them, and we hope to continue this partnership in the coming years. We would like to specifically give a shout out to Implementation Team for their constant guidance, support, and working with us to take our vision forward. A special thanks to Business Team for making this possible.



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