LEOLMS Key Features

LEOLMS is a feature rich extensive learning platform which ensures all your learning needs can be fulfilled under single ecosystem.

XAPI compliance opens up the wide range of integration possibilities.
Machine learning empowers you to deep dive into the analytics and perform predictive analytics.
Implemented great data security and compliances ensures the best industry standards.

Social Learning

Social learning is one of the key component learning Ecosystem. Social learning emphasizes on learning of the learners from the experiences of others. Also, collaborate and learn anytime with fellows.

Forum Management

Wiki Management

Blog Management

One to One & Group Messaging Capabilities


Gamified learning is the need of the hour and impacts the learning ecosystem for being better for the learners. Through Gamification techniques, learners can associate themselves better with the learning activities and at the same can compete with the fellow learners. Gamification results in more completion of the activities and hence in getting more completions with competency development.

Badges Management

Leaderboard – Course Wise

Point based ranking – Platform level

Certificate management

Personalised Experience

Analyze the individual learning needs and at the same time it allows us to ensure that platform is remaining engaging through custom implementation of client needs, pedagogies implementations, whitelabelled platform implementation etc.

Custom Branding Capabilities

Personalised Dashboard

All-In-One Calendar

Personalised Learning Plans

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Competency Based Education

Assignment Based Learning

Learning outcome can be best calculated with the outcome assessments. Assignment enables you to thoroughly assess the outcomes of learning activities and provide suitable inputs to learners as and when required.

Individual Assessment

Group Assessments

Text Or File Based Submissions

Multiple Attempts Management

Support for Learning Standards

LEOLMS supports almost all major content types which is recommended by learning industry. Also, LEOLMS supports advance learning tools for all future integration and learning analytics development.




Content Embedding (Youtube, Vimeo etc)

Virtual Conferencing

Vitual Conferencing systems are the need of the hour for any LMS systems. We provide flexibility to client to chose the Virtual conferencing tool as per their needs and we will integrate the same with LEOLMS. This makes us flexible in terms of deployment and at the same time gives flexibilities to clients to opt for best in class choice.



Google Meet

Microsoft Teams

Open Meeting



Robust Assessment Management

Robust assessment (Quiz) management system with support to multiple question types which fullfills all key requirements to map the learning outcomes.

Time based assessment plan

Question bank management

Support for Mutliple question types



Sell your courses like never before! We provide the integration capabilities of LMS with Application Portals through which courses can be synced and published to target audience. Other key features are : Coupon code management, Bulk purchases, Restrict closed group courses, Wishlist creation and many more.

Multiple payment gateway support

Shopping cart feature for bulk purchase

Coupon Code feature

Sales reports

Bundling the courses in single product


LMS without an report is needless to say that will not fullfill the requirement of analysing the data. We support reports from simplified reports of courses completion to perform advanced analytics with various visualisation tools. Advance integration with Google Analytics and Matomo enables us to closely monitor learner’s journey and provide you quality site performance reports.

Course Completion Report

Activity Completion Report

Assessment Gradebook

Course Engagement Report

Integration with Google analytics, Piwik etc

Mobile app

Our primary focus always is to become Mobile first as this is where we can attract maximum engagement from the learners. Our Mobile app supports multiple languages and at the same time provides offline capabilities for the courses. It enables the learners to complete all their assigned learning interventions on the GO.

Custom branded mobile app

Offline capabilities

Multi-lingual capabilities

User Management

LEOLMS provides flexibilities in terms how we would like to onboard the learners. It ranges from self registration, Bulk Upload etc to creating the users through a third party controlled protocols like SAML 2.0, Oauth 2.0, ADFS etc.

User’s master management through custom integration

Bulk user creation

Audience/cohort management

Dynamic rules setup for auto assignment

Inactive user’s discontinuation

Courses and Category Management

LEOLMS enables the learning stakeholders to map their learning data with the help of courses and categories management. Administrator will have the flexibility to accurately configure the entire learning architecture as per the needs using this mapping.

Category creation and subcategory mapping

Course Management

Multiple Course Formats for Better engagement

Course backup management

Restore courses

Course completion criteria based access control

Enable course purchase and setup cost

Lock courses

Feedback Management

Feedback is one of the key components to understand the experience of learners in various courses. LEOLMS provides robust feedback mechanism through which we can take the feedback from the learners and can plan future courses accordingly.

User feedback on courses

User feedback on activities

Rating based feedback

Descriptive feedback

Self Authoring Capabilities

Self Authoring capabilities empowers the administrator of the platform to incorporate multiple content types with advanced interactiveness. Also, it provides wide range of flexibilities on how you want your learners to see the content. LEOLMS’s self authoring tool allows people with even non-technical backgrounds to configure and publish the content in HTML5 format just with drag and drop configurations.

Inbuilt authoring tool

Multiple interactive content type support

Mobile app compatibility with authored courses

Blended Learning Management

Advance Classroom Traning management module enables the Administrators to plan the classroom sessions. Learners can signup for these classroom session activities and can participate.

Classroom Session Planning

Multiple events management

Attendance tracking

Custom Notifications Management


Real time notifications always keeps the learners to get up to date with upcoming deadlines, communications from the platform and at the same time brings more engagement from the learners. LEOLMS provides all forms of communication real time and ensures that learners shall be notified for every action needed.

In App notifications

Push Notifications

Email Notifications


Multi-tenant architecture enables you to onboard multiple business businesses onto the same platform and hence removes the pain of deploying LMS for each customer. Also, it provides you flexibility to assign client admins who can track and manage the portal as per their needs in their tenant environment. Tenant level detailed reports are also present to ensure client admin can track and utilize the reports effectively.

Onboard B2B Customers

Manage Tenant level multiple departments

License management

Handle both B2B and B2C users in a single platform

Flexible in permissions and capabilities

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