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LeoLMS is a robust, cost-effective, and customisable open-source learning management system trusted by global learners. A powerful Learning Management System that enables learners to acquire new skills while also assisting organizations or educational entities by providing a one-of-a-kind learning ecosystem. The platform’s easy user interface, integration capability, scalability, and personalisation improve online learning.

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Colleges and Universities

MOOC Providers



Product Highlights

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Operating Models
  • Compliance


The robust and customised solution offered by LeoLMS ensures the successful implementation of effective learning pedagogies for a wide range of clients across different fields.



A highly scalable architecture that enhances online learning experience. LeoLMS supports large number of users that can be engaged in various learning activities together. The range from hundreds of users learning at the same time to thousands of learners accessing the learning contents real time.

Operating Models

Operating Models

LeoLMS supports both SAAS model as well as On premise hosting. Multiple OS systems such as Linux, Windows, etc. are also supportable in this LMS.



LeoLMS abides with most of the existing compliances like GDPR, HIPPA, FERPA, Accessibility compliance, Privacy laws, etc.

Feature List

Social Learning

Social learning is one of the key components of a learning Ecosystem. Social learning emphasizes on learning of the learners from the experiences of others. Also, collaborate and learn anytime with peers.

Social learning is one of the key components of a learning Ecosystem. Social learning emphasizes on learning of the learners from the experiences of others. Also, collaborate and learn anytime with peers.

Forum Management

Wiki Management

Blog Management

One to One & Group Messaging Capabilities

Feature List


Gamification has impacted the learning ecosystem. The gaming approach used can help them comprehend the learning interventions more efficiently. Through Gamification techniques, learners can associate themselves better with the learning activities and at the same can compete with the fellow learners. Gamified learning encourages completion of activities, leading to competency development among the learners.

Badges Management

Leaderboard – Course Wise

Point based ranking – Platform level

Certificate management

Feature List

Personalised Experience

LEOLMS offers an analysis tool to analyse learning needs on an individual level. The platform maintains an interactive experience through custom implementation based on client requirements, pedagogy integration, and white-labelled platform implementation, among other factors.

Custom Branding Capabilities

Personalised Dashboard

All-In-One Calendar

Personalised Learning Plans

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Competency Based Education

Feature List

Assignment Based Learning

The assignment-based learning feature enables you to thoroughly assess the outcomes of learning activities and provide suitable inputs to learners as and when required.

Individual Assessment

Group Assessments

Text Or File Based Submissions

Multiple Attempts Management

Integration Capabilities




Our Testimonial

“We were looking for a learning management system for Firki and that is when we came across Zobble Solutions and their team. The team set up a robust and feature-rich learning system for us and readily and patiently accommodate our needs at various stages.

The entire team is very hard-working, responsive and easy to work with. We appreciate them for taking the time to understand our requests and make appropriate suggestions to improve our product.

It has been great working with them, and we hope to continue this partnership in the coming years. We would like to specifically give a shout out to Implementation Team for their constant guidance, support, and working with us to take our vision forward. A special thanks to Business Team for making this possible.”

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host LEOLMS in my own servers?

Yes, we support both on-premise hosting and cloud hosting. We offer LEOLMS as a SAAS service and at the same time, the client has the flexibility to opt for their personal cloud server and get LEOLMS deployed as the one-time deployment model.

Can I integrate my existing applications with LEOLMS?

Yes, LEOLMS supports more than 3000 integrations and has already been integrated with various business applications.

Do you have a Mobile App?

Yes, LEO LMS offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS and at the same time offers offline learning capabilities.

Has LEOLMS been developed strictly for universities or Ed-tech initiatives, or is it possible to deploy it in my organisation?

LEOLMS is designed for all kinds of learning needs, be it MOOCs, Universities or Corporates. Pedagogy implementation and workflows empower you to use LEOLMS as per requirements and objectives, regardless of the industry.

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